Hey everyone, just a quick note to keep you in the loop – as mentioned previously I moved to Berlin last week. So far it’s been great but we’ve been coping with finding an apartment, setting up accounts for phones and banking, discovering where everything is in the neighborhood, dealing with jetlag, and not speaking any German. Happily most of these are conquered (except the language) but one thing we’ve discovered is that setting up Internet at home takes forever. So for the next couple of weeks I’m going to have to work from home and then find an Internet cafe to upload the pages. This isn’t ideal but it’s all I’ve got until we’re set up at home. Updates should resume shortly but I’m just letting you know what’s up before you start baying for blood.

In the meantime I’ll be appearing at the Strip Festival Breda in Holland Sept 8-9, and at the Journadas De Comic villa de Aviles in Spain, Sept 11-15. Hope to see you there!