Webcomics Weekend

I just returned from the New England Webcomics Weekend in Northampton, Massachusetts, the first of what will hopefully be a long running annual event.  Apparently it was conceived as a closed social gathering for webcomics creators but rapidly expanded into something much larger and open to artists and fans alike. I think over 650 people were in attendance!  I think that in the future this is going to become a significant comics event so keep your eye on it.

Among those I was fortunate to meet and chat with were Rene Engstrom (Anders Loves Maria), Meredith Gran (Octopus Pie), Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics), Danielle Corsetto (Girls With Slingshots), Angela Melick (Wasted Talent), Dave Kellett (Sheldon), Scott Kurtz (PvP), Jorge Cham (PhD Comics), Kris Straub (Starslip), Chris Hallbeck (The Book of Biff) and many more!  The personal highlight of the weekend for me was sitting in the hotel dining room at breakfast and seeing someone at the next table reading Sin Titulo on his laptop.

If I met you this past weekend at NEWW and you’re reading this, I hope you had a great time at the show and I hope to see you again next year!